I Love Country Music

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Available as a t-shirt and a bumper sticker, country music fans can show their love for Country Music. A simple glance at the rhombus featured on these products and you should be able to figure it out.


Just wait for the I Love Country Music Award Show. Just like Hillary it will never cease to amaze you.

Here’s a little something to get your Country Music juices flowing.

video by seaver82

Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife For President

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Show your support for Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife for President . What if Hillary Clinton might not be the best President. Just think of all the fun we will have as Bill as the “First Ladies Man.” How great the daily news headlines will be. “Hillary spent last night preparing to mount a campaign for socialized medicine while Bill spent last night preparing to mount Miss New Jersey.”

Vote for Monica Lewinsky’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Wife for President. With Hillary in office we can be sure that their won’t be anymore White House sex scandals. Bill won’t even sleep with her.

Can you wait for the Slick Willie games?

video by bulukang

WARNING: If you are thinking of sleeping with Hillary Clinton then slap the crap out of yourself and listen from a man who did wake up with Hillary one morning:

video by aardvarkwonk

Hillary Clinton Flaming Liberal Fire Starter

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Nothing heats up a cool evening like the Flaming Liberal Fire Starter. This standard functional fire starter is decorated to make it much more entertaining to use. What better way to take the chill off of a cool evening than lighting up one of your favorite flaming liberals.

Caution: The Flaming Liberal Fire Starter is hot and is capable of turning the entire Nation into ashes.

Hillary Clinton Toilet Brush

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Do you want to clean up the “smear” campaigns and do away with the “mud-slinging?” What better way than with the Hillary Clinton Toilet Brush? Standing 14 inches tall, it will be a honor to let Hillary become the “First Cleaning Lady” as she scrubs off the morning deposits. You can even put Hillary face-to-face with your own “Yellow Water” probe. Some people called Bill the “First Black President” and now Hillary can be the “First Brown.”

Think of the pleasure you’ll have as you use Hillary’s head to wipe the rim of your toilet. She wont be kissing ass but rather cleaning up after it. Warning: While you may be tempted to wipe your ass with the Hillary Clinton Brush the bristles maybe a little too stiff for pleasure.

As if you wont have enough fun cleaning the toilet you can always sing this song as you put the Hillary Clinton Brush away.

video from DickScary

Clinton Coins

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Ever wonder where Hillary is going to get all our money that she plans on spending? Well, besides issuing the new $2008 bill she also has a coin-gate left over from the Clinton Legacy.

Two-Headed Hillary Quarter: Like Hillary herself, once you flip it over she goes from a sweet princess to an old hag.


Not to worry, if she runs out of her money there is still some money left over from the Bill Days.

The Clinton/Washington Quarter: Kind of like Washington himself but with a cigar and a bimbo under the desk.


Arkansas Bill Clinton Quarter: Yes, we all wonder how many slots this one has been in.


Hillary Clinton Voodoo Kit

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Many of you have been waiting a long time to have your way with Hillary. Now with the Hillary Clinton Voodoo Kit you can have all the influence you want over her. The kit contains a 56 page book complete with real spells suitable for any occasion, a Hillary Clinton look-alike voodoo doll and magic voodoo pins.

Now you can wield influence over Hillary is a way Bill never has with the Hillary Clinton Voodoo Kit.

Hillary Bitch T-Shirt

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The Hillary Bitch Shirt pretty much says it all. Life is a bitch so don’t vote for one. Enough said.

You don’t believe it? Watch this:
video by t66wood


Still not believing it, well maybe she’s just a Son-of-a-bitch:
video by ShesAMixedUpSOB

Politicards 2008

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With Politicards 2008 it doesn’t matter who you are playing against because everyone is delt a loosing hand. Politicards 2008 casts today’s most popular players as characters from classic feature films. Selected and ranked by national poll, the leading election year politicians, pundits and celebs are caricatured by Politicards creator and award-winning illustrator Peter Green.

Hillary Clinton Poseable Mini

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The Hillary Clinton Poseable Mini is a fun miniature figurine that you can bend and pose in any way you see fit. You can even make miniature Hillary pose like she’s running from snipper fire in Bosnia. Perhaps if you are feeling really adventurous you can try to make her crawl under a miniature desk like her husband’s ex-girlfriend Monica.

Either way, the Hillary Clinton Poseable Mini will bring hours of entertainment.

Hillary Meal TShirt

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The Hillary Rodham Clinton Meal, includes 2 fat thighs, small breasts and a left wing.

It’s better to wear your Hillary Meal than to eat it.

WARNING: Eating a Hillary Meal could only be the result of stupidity, desperation, complete intoxication or psychotic delusions. Eating a Hillary Meal will leave a bad taste in your mouth. The most common side effects are flatus with discharge, fecal urgency, oily stool, anal leakage and an empty wallet.  Do not eat a Hillary Meal if you are more intelligent than a box of rocks. Do not even smell the meals if you would like to keep your money in you wallet and the government from making all of your decisions for you. Hillary Meals will make you fat, lazy and stupid. For more information or to see a perfect example of the long-term effects of eating a Hillary Meals does to you see Bill Clinton.

Thanks to atalski for the video