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Hillary Meal TShirt

Purchase the Hillary Meal T-Shirt


Purchase the Hillary Meal T-Shirt 


The Hillary Rodham Clinton Meal, includes 2 fat thighs, small breasts and a left wing.

It’s better to wear your Hillary Meal than to eat it.

WARNING: Eating a Hillary Meal could only be the result of stupidity, desperation, complete intoxication or psychotic delusions. Eating a Hillary Meal will leave a bad taste in your mouth. The most common side effects are flatus with discharge, fecal urgency, oily stool, anal leakage and an empty wallet.  Do not eat a Hillary Meal if you are more intelligent than a box of rocks. Do not even smell the meals if you would like to keep your money in you wallet and the government from making all of your decisions for you. Hillary Meals will make you fat, lazy and stupid. For more information or to see a perfect example of the long-term effects of eating a Hillary Meals does to you see Bill Clinton.

Thanks to atalski for the video