Hillary Clinton Toilet Brush

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Do you want to clean up the “smear” campaigns and do away with the “mud-slinging?” What better way than with the Hillary Clinton Toilet Brush? Standing 14 inches tall, it will be a honor to let Hillary become the “First Cleaning Lady” as she scrubs off the morning deposits. You can even put Hillary face-to-face with your own “Yellow Water” probe. Some people called Bill the “First Black President” and now Hillary can be the “First Brown.”

Think of the pleasure you’ll have as you use Hillary’s head to wipe the rim of your toilet. She wont be kissing ass but rather cleaning up after it. Warning: While you may be tempted to wipe your ass with the Hillary Clinton Brush the bristles maybe a little too stiff for pleasure.

As if you wont have enough fun cleaning the toilet you can always sing this song as you put the Hillary Clinton Brush away.

video from DickScary

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